The celebrity known as "Jay-Z” has announced he will be selling a cannabis line, Monogram.

Why are we not shocked?

Jay-Z and his Monogram team pan to launch a national campaign to start a debate about the large number of incarcerations that are cannabis-related.

So if you are driving between the Wyoming/Colorado border, don't be surprised if you see mobile billboard trucks reading “most starkly contrasting legal/illegal borders of cannabis legislation in the country”. You might also see those trucks on the Oregon-Idaho & Colorado borders.

The billboards will be two sided. One side will read, “Here, cannabis is legal. Enjoy responsibly.” The Wyoming side will read, “Here, cannabis is illegal. Avoid the bookings.”

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According to Billboard Magazine Jay-Z's role at the San Jose-based Caliva not only involves advising the company on creative decisions, outreach efforts, and strategy, but also advocating for the social justice issues related to weed legalization.

Jay-Z, a billionaire who claims that he is not a businessman, launched a cannabis line called Monogram October 23rd. He is involved in a partnership with a California cannabis company named Caliva.

"We think this is a sea (of) change in terms of the visibility to the industry," Dennis O'Malley, chief executive officer of Caliva, told CNN Business. "We take this partnership with a lot of responsibility, a lot of humility, a lot of accountability moving forward."

There are many people who buy pot products from Colorado then bring them into Wyoming. Some understand that it is illegal, some actually claim that they did not know they could not bring the product that they legally bought in Colorado into a neighboring state where it is illegal. Maybe these billboards will help clear that up.

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