According to the Powel Tribune, there has been a pause in Kanye West’s manufacturing facility in Cody. But after several months operations should begin again, soon, maybe.

Yeezy, the company owned by West set up a lab to begin working on prototypes of his shoe back in 2019. But the site has gone through many stops and starts.

Cody CEO James Klessens spoke on local Cody radio station KODI 1400 AM where he explained that there are “a whole bunch of moving pieces in Kanye’s world and he just pressed pause.” He says the company will be up and running again, soon.

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“I don’t know what date that is,” he said on KODI. “But I understand that it’s on the plan to begin again in this first quarter of 2021. So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that everything keeps going as planned.”

The town of Cody hoped that Yeezy would provide much-needed jobs to the area.

“I am hopeful he continues to explore investment in our community,” Klessens said on KODI, “I know his world changes rapidly.”

West and his company, Yeezy, had entered into a deal with Gap to produce a “modern, elevated basics for men, women and kids at accessible price points.”

West has indicated Cody could become part of Yeezy Apparel’s partnerships with both Gap and Adidas.

So, does it look like things will start up again? Maybe. Are the folks out that way hopeful? Well, sure, kinda. Nobody can give a definitive answer on what the holdup really is.



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