The Laramie County Democratic Party has issued a statement on local journalism and it's importance.

The statement reads as follows:

''The Laramie County Democratic Party has passed Resolution No. 2020-10, “A RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF A ROBUST, FREE, LOCAL PRESS.”

The resolution, which was adopted at the August meeting of the Laramie County Democratic Party, affirms the importance of the information provided by local press entities and the role that local media plays in communities. The resolution states the party’s support of unionized newsrooms that protect the livelihoods of reporters. It also encourages the public to financially support local media, and further calls on the legislature to uphold laws that guarantee the access to records that allows journalists to hold the government accountable."

“Local media outlets provide the news that is often most important to people, especially in rural states like Wyoming,” said Lindsey Hanlon, county party Communications Director. “If we want the government to remain accountable to the people, it is vital that we support and protect local news.” Benjamin Rowland, Chairman of the Laramie County Democratic Party adds, "This resolution highlights our commitment to local press, especially when such vital institutions are being decimated by distant, Wall Street owners that hollow out our community newspapers."

The resolution, along with the other resolutions passed by the county party, can be found on their website.''

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