Former Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak is vehemently denying allegations from a rival candidate for sheriff that he is a "gun grabber" who supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

The allegations and denials have been posted on Facebook in recent days.

James Barth, who has positioned himself as a constitutional conservative, is accusing former Cheyenne Police Cheif Bryan Kozak of supporting gun control and sympathizing with the Black Live Matter movement.

Kozak, in turn, is accusing Barth of dirty politics and posting "fake news" lies about him.

Barth in a recent post on his James Barth for Laramie County Sheriff Facebook page, included the following comments about Kozak:

''And as you may have guessed by now, Kozak is a “documented” gun grabber — in fact, former Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak testified against a bill introduced by pro-gun champion Representative Allen Jaggi. Kozak argued in open committee that the city of Cheyenne has the “right” to impose gun control on the citizens."

Barth cited the following as a source

Barth also wrote the following about Kozak's alleged participation in a protest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota:

 ''True enough that there was wrongdoing by the Minneapolis police officers regarding their actions against George Floyd, but, in the politician’s fashion of not telling the whole story, Brian Kozak is masking some of the truth here. The case of George Floyd was not a reason for national protests, and certainly not by the Chief of Police in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Kozak aligned himself with the activist group, Black Lives Matter, in an attempt to pander to people. His presence gave support to the BLM’s violent and destructive riots that tore across American cities while demanding that police departments be defunded."

You can see the entire James Barth post here.

 In response, Kozak posted the following comments on his ''Brian Kozak for Sheriff' Facebook page:
"1. After the Floyd incident, the community was struggling with an obvious case of excessive police force. I worked long hours to make sure we did not have any violent protests in Cheyenne. I went to the Capital to reassure protesters our officers are well trained, and the incident would never occur here. My statements are well documented in the newspapers.
2. I have never expressed support for Black Lives Matter. I have been to meetings with leaders of the NAACP and attended events in the black community because I believe a leader needs to listen to everyone. As a law enforcement leader, we serve everyone. I have made public statements that I do not support BLM or any organization that supports violence or measures to defund the police.
3. I have never laid in the street or marched in a protest. I was asked to during the Floyd incident and refused because my priority is to show support for the hard-working men and women who do the job the right way.
4. I attended a public forum sponsored by the NAACP with the Colonel of the Highway Patrol and Judge Jeffrey (two men I respect) following the Floyd incident to educate people on your policies and great character of our peace officers. Please see the full video and discover my true police leadership style:
5. I support gun rights so much that I have pledged not to allow enforcement or incarceration of any new gun law or presidential executive order. My goals are listed at Heck, I am giving away an AR15 with a 60-round magazine; enter to win at
6. As a police leader, I, nor any officer in my command, has ever been successfully sued for any issue to include excessive force in my 35 years of policing. This is because I am a certified use of force expert and have outlined policy, training, and review to prevent abuse. You should know that one of the lawsuits listed in this fake news has already been dismissed by the federal court and the other is pending. Unfortunately, being sued is part of the job; Cheyenne PD is more than prepared to defend any claim and so will the Sheriff’s Office if I am elected. This is why, you cannot afford to have an amateur at the helm.
7. I have outlined US Constitution views at Please remember that a sheriff will deal with the 4th Amendment more than any other constitutional issue; experience matters!"
In addition to Barth and Kozak, Lt. Don Hollingshead of the Sherriff's Office and Boyd Wrede are two other announced candidates for Laramie County Sheriff. All four are Republicans.

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