As the Friends of the Laramie Skatepark continue their campaign to add more to the Labonte Park fixture, good news comes in droves with the announcement of the Tony Hawk Foundation's support as well as a match in donations from the Wyoming Community Foundation.

"With our Capitol goal of $190,000 we plan to add 4,500 sq ft of riding terrain and update the lighting at the park," the press release from Friends of the Laramie Skatepark said. "Our focus is to create more low speed space for beginners and mentor level riders to share as well as completing the 2017 full pipe/bowl section to include another aspirational zone for all our athletes."

$10,000 of extra funding from the Tony Hawk Foundation will help with that ultimate goal, and sparked an idea for Josh Kafer, the coordinator for Friends of the Laramie Skatepark, to pledge to clear the bowl of snow if successful in gaining matching funds through an online pledge.

"The Tony Hawk Grant is huge, not only for the bottom line but for the recognition it brings to what we've been working on," Kafer says. "It takes our little community project and puts it on a International stage. Their respect and approval for what we're doing means a lot."

Friends of the Laramie Skatepark are still accepting donations, pledges, and support. Check out their new website here, follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

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