Laramie’s Unofficial Task Force Quacking the Case Again: Duckling Rescue Part II

Apparently, ducks also have an affinity for folks in uniform. This is the second time in recent weeks that a duckling has disappeared in a drainpipe, only to be rescued by the combined efforts of the Laramie Police Department and the Laramie Fire Department. 

LPD Officers Sadie Wenzel and J. Acevedo received the call about a duckling in distress on 30th and Grays Gable. They called in duckling rescue experts, the Laramie Fire Department for assistance.

LFD Company Officer on shift Thor Rasmussen said the fire department received the call because “we have all the fun tools,” including the one to remove the 100-pound storm grate. “We had to use a New York Hook on it. It’s a six-foot pry bar with a hook on the bottom to get the grate off.”

Once the grate was off, Officer Wenzel crawled into the storm drain tunnel to save the duckling. “She might’ve been the first on the scene and probably the best person to fit in the pipe.”

Thankfully, firefighter Brandon Ruckman was on duty for the assist. “He was the strong arm. The muscle. It was really his strength…well, and his background in engineering, of course, that got the job done.”

It was Ruckman's genius to use chock blocks for leverage to remove the stubborn grate. “One-hundred percent his idea,” Rasmussen reiterated.

An off-duty officer was also on the scene as she saw Officers Wenzel and Acevedo pulled over. Once the duckling was out of the drain, “I don’t know how long the duckling was in there, and mamma duck wasn’t in close proximity. The three officers walked the course to find the family. They went south, and we went east looking. I assumed they were reunited happily. With three LPD officers, we knew they had it covered.”    

One off-duty officer saw the others and pulled over to help on her drive home. 

Ruckman claimed, “No heroic efforts here. Just assisting PD.” 

Rasmussen concluded that “the big thing is Ruckman is a little nervous. He gets to buy ice cream. An unwritten FD code. If you’re in the paper or any media, you have to buy the shift ice cream.”

Scoops on you, firefighter Rasmussen. 

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