Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said that she was not ruling out running for president.

“Donald Trump is likely to be the next Republican presidential nominee, and he has a decent shot being elected the next president. It could happen. What would a second Donald Trump term look like?” (Host Jake Tapper).

There were those in Wyoming who called Wyoming's morning talk radio show with speculation that Cheney would run for president.

But would she run because she thinks she can win or she can do enough damage to Trump that he would not get the GOP nomination?

“Well, he cannot be the next president because if he is, all of the things that he attempted to do but was stopped from doing by responsible people around him, a at the Department of Justice and the White House Counsel office, he will do.


There will be no guardrails and everyone has been warned.

After January 6, after our investigation, after all of the evidence that we laid out about all of the steps and his multi-part plan to overturn the election, there could be no question that he will unravel the institutions of our democracy.

So we’re facing a moment in American politics where we have to set aside partisanship and we have to make sure that people who believe in the Constitution are willing to come together to prevent him from ever again setting foot anywhere near the Oval Office.”

“You’re not ruling out a presidential run?” Tapper.

“No, I’m not," answered Cheyen.

There were some folks in Wyoming who asked why Cheney didn't just join the Democrat party.

She can't because she is far too conservative. In her time in the U.S. House, she was about the most conservative Republican on the floor.

attachment-Liz Cheney CNN 2

Her issues are not with Conservatism.

She doesn't like Trump.

But could she run as a Republican?

There is a lot of anger in the Republican party towards her.

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