In July I had to say goodbye to my beloved German Shepherd Sammi.

Cathy Holman

She was my constant companion, from laying at my feet as I worked on the computer, to running 13 miles with me across the Prairie...she was always by my side. It was truly heartbreaking when her Epilepsy forced us to let her go at the age of just 3 1/2 years.

I knew that I needed to find a new companion, but my heart wasn't ready for another German Shepherd.

So I headed the AKC website and started to look at all the dogs listed in the herding group. I knew that this kind of dog would be the best fit for our active family that often spends several days a year in the backcountry of Wyoming.

I have certain traits I was looking for and when I came across the Berger Picard breed I was intrigued.

While nervous about having a fancy dog, I thought it would be worth talking to a breeder so followed this link to find the AKC breeders in the US. I had my fingers crossed that there would be one somewhere close by...

Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a breeder in Laramie, Wyoming. I immediately sent Marce at ACME Berger Picard a lengthy email talking about our family and asking a gazillion questions about the breed.

We chatted on the phone and decided that it was indeed a great fit and all we had to do was wait and see how many puppies were in her next litter.

Thankfully she had enough puppies for us to have a male and when he was 8 weeks old we traveled to Laramie to pick up our dog.

Cathy Holman

We had a list of names that our 5 kids, my husband, and I came up with and in the end, decided to name our new dog "Captain".

Cathy Holman

Zip our Blue Heeler has been tolerant of his new brother but isn't exactly thrilled.

The kids are loving the puppy, and with 5 of them to play with Captain always has someone ready to pay attention to him.

Cathy Holman

When he is grown he will be about 60 pounds so I am enjoying this time now where he can sit in my lap comfortably.

Cathy Holman

Berger Picards definitely like to be with their family, and Captain is more than happy to help with chores if it means he can be by us.

Cathy Holman

I'll keep you updated on this little guy as he grows on our My Country 95.5 Instagram page.

If you have any puppy pics of your four-legged fur baby we'd love to see them, just send them to us in the My Country Mobile App.

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