Wyoming isn't known for its skyscrapers whatsoever. This is mainly due to the fact that it doesn't have any. However, it does have a building that is known as being the tallest building in Wyoming, which is White Hall in Laramie standing at approximately 146 feet high. As short as that is, you might assume that is the shortest 'tallest' building in any state, right? Nope. I was shocked too when I found that out. To quote Yoda, "there is another."

White Hall is of course a student residency on the campus of the University of Wyoming. You could be wondering, how is there another 'tallest' building shorter than just 146 feet? The question makes sense. We have the smallest population of any state in Wyoming. We have smaller metro areas in our bigger cities throughout the state. It's makes perfect sense that we don't have a very tall building as our tallest building. Here's a quick look at White Hall:

White Hall (Laramie, WY)

However, as noted, it is not the shortest 'tallest' building in in the U.S. The shortest 'tallest' building in the U.S. is in Vermont. Burlington, VT is the city where the Decker Towers are located. The building stands at 124 feet tall. It's an 11-story high rise apartment building. Let's have a look at the shortest 'tallest' building in any state throughout the U.S.:

Decker Towers (Burlington, VT)

You're probably thinking, "That's not much to look at." Probably because it's the shortest 'tallest' building of any state in the U.S. So if nothing else, when it comes to the height of our architecture, Wyoming has bragging rights on Vermont.

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