Yogi Bear is real. You might have to be on drugs to see him, but he is real.

According to a local Fox News Report, a California man was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison after a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

For some strange reason, police were suspicious when then man claimed to have seen Yogi bear in the park.

The officers asked permission to search the vehicle and Manuel Paz Sanchez Jr., 32,  consented. In it police found a spare tire that appeared to be deflated - rental cars do not usually have deflated spare tires.

The tire was taken to a nearby repair shop where it was opened. Inside they found six vacuum-sealed packages containing just over eight pounds of meth.

Sanchez was later sentenced 15 years and 8 months in federal prison after he pleaded guilty in May to possession with intent to distribute. Also 5 years of supervised release.

Just a theory, but perhaps what tipped the police off is the fact that Yogi lives in Jellystone not Yellowstone.. Everyone knows that.

Neither Yogi or Boo Boo could be reached for comment.

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