Geocaching is a global treasure hunt that involves people searching for caches, or hidden stashes of objects. (National Geographic).

Using apps and GPS hunters will look for hidden stashes of items left by others who have been to that spot before them.

The idea is to take something from the cash and leave something for the next hunter.

The two videos below are from a gentleman and his dog travelling America on a geocache hunt.

Their last two videos were recorded as they travelled across Wyoming.

Hi! I am the Marine Air Ground Planner, Mag. Join my loyal dog Ai-Chan and I as we journey across the United States, finding geocaches in every county and DeLorme page along the way.

We have the entire journey planned to be completed within a year and have a lot of fun surprises in store for you! Let's Go Geocaching Together!


They do not take a straight drive across Wyoming.

Their loop-through is an effort to find geocaches.

This means, if you watch these videos, you can learn where some of them are.

With a little luck (fingers crossed) our long winter has come to an end now that we have dropped down out of the mountains along the northern edge of Wyoming.

We begin this westward trek to the edge of Wyoming in Thermopolis, making a trip into Hot Springs State Park in pursuit of the state's county challenge final.

While we are here, we decide to take a walk out around the world's largest mineral hot springs, the Big Spring, enjoying the warm atmosphere boiling up all around us.

Out of Thermopolis we pass through the canyons of Ten Sleep before arriving in Buffalo where we are more than happy to discover a plethora of murals and statues giving us a glimpse into the city's history.


Besides the treasure hunt, they enjoyed the views, driving, and hiking.

These two developed a real appreciation for Wyoming.

Our final day in the state starts at the Independence Rock Historic Site, a unique rock that rises above the landscape, having served as the landmark for many settlers making their way west across the state.

For us, it serves as the landmark leading the way into Lander and the kick-off point for our final salute to the state. We pass by many veterans memorials along this final stretch, including the recently opened National Museum of Military Vehicles.


The video above will help you find geocaching apps for your phone.

As if that wasn't enough pure gold to treasure the end of our time here, we also happen across the World's Largest Jackelope Exhibit bringing our adventure across the state to its end with a bang.

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