Some of us did not even know that Wyoming would be able to see an aurora borealis event last night. 03/31/22.

A few people knew but forgot to stay up late to see it.

It's not often that such a night sky light show makes it so far down south that it can be seen in the night sky in Wheatland Wyoming.

Thankfully Wyoming has photographers from all over the state who stayed up to see and photograph the event.

Here are a few of the best photographs we could find. More are on the way. Keep checking back. Special thanks to the folks at Wyoming Through The Lens on Facebook.

Marvel At Wyoming's View Of The Aurora Borealis

A Stunning Look At Wyoming Life Through The Eyes Of Photographer Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson is a premier western photographer based out of Utah who can often be found propped on his elbows in the mud, boots covered in manure, facing a rearing horse, all for the sake of the perfect shot. He's a man who does whatever it takes to achieve greatness. Below is a gallery of his pictures taken in Wyoming.

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