A day or so ago our Sun let out a big BURP! 

One of those black spots erupted and sent radiation right toward planet Earth.

That is an oversimplification, but basically the idea of what happened.

Lucky for us we have a natural magnetic field protecting us.

Also, lucky for us, that means a SPECTACULAR LIGHT SHOW in the night sky.

But the unlucky side of this story is the amount of cloud cover over Wyoming over the next two nights. NOT GOOD.

What you will read below is the NOAA prediction of the intensity and location of the aurora borealis for the next two nights over North America.

Check your local weather forecast to see if the skies will be clear enough to see it.

The pictures show the  'viewline' representing the southernmost locations from which you may see the aurora on the northern horizon.


This product is based on the OVATION model and uses the maximum forecast geomagnetic activity (Kp) between 6 pm and 6 am US Central Time.

The brightness and location of the aurora are typically shown as a green oval centered on Earth’s magnetic pole.

The green ovals turn red when the aurora is forecasted to be more intense.

Aurora can often be observed somewhere on Earth just after sunset or just before sunrise.

The aurora is not visible during daylight hours.

The aurora does not need to be directly overhead but can be observed from as far as 1000 km away when the aurora is bright and if conditions are right.

A short-term forecast (~30 minutes) along with the last 24 hours of activity can be found on the Aurora - 30 Minute Forecast page.

SWPC's new Aurora Dashboard (Experimental) collects the products and information from across SWPC's website for a one-stop shop.

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