Once again the discussion as to whether Wyoming should expand Medicaid will be discussed in the state's next legislative session coming in 2020.

On the Wake Up Wyoming show the latest discussion began with a closer look at the problems expansion has brought to surrounding states. Wyoming Liberty Group provided the research and examples.

The next call was from a Wyoming doctor, one of many, who opposes expansion. Based on his experiences in his former out-of-state practice, he now lives and works in Wyoming, he listed the reason why expansion is bad for the state, patients, hospitals and private practice. His examples also centered on the problems that have occurred in states that have taken federal money to expand.

The final call was from an emergency medical provider who focused more on what he has seen over the years, having worked in those states that have expanded.

All 3 experts agreed they wanted to make sure people in need had the help they required. But all 3 also agreed that Medicaid is not the solution to that problem.

All 3 conversations are in the video - below.

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