The Wyoming House and Senate will hold a short two-week special session this July, to figure out how to allocate $1.5 Billion in COVID relief money sent by the federal government.

In that short amount of time, those who favor Medicaid expansion in the state of Wyoming are trying, once again, to get it passed. They were able to get it through the Wyoming House of Representatives in the last session, but it was killed before it could get to the floor of the Senate.

The debate over whether Wyoming should take federal money and expand Medicaid continues. The yes or no opinion will depend on which doctor or hospital official you talk to.

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Governor Matt Mead was for it. Governor Gordon has said he is opposed but is willing to listen to other points of view.

One Wyoming think tank is releasing a study that they claim will show how expanding Medicaid has been a detriment to every other state that has attempted it. They are also running the numbers to show how Wyoming cannot afford expansion.

Those who want expansion are tempted by the increased amount of money offered by the Biden administration, and the offer that Wyoming will pull out of the deal if the federal government does not pay 90% of the bill.

But what they fail to acknowledge is how disastrous expansion has been for states across the country that have bitten that hook.

Below are two interviews. The first with a Wyoming Doctor who explains the problem Medicaid expansion has created in other states.

The second interview is with Cassie Craven of Wyoming Liberty Group as she explains Why the state should pass on expansion and never consider it again.

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