Yesterday I was at Stuff The Van in Casper Wyoming as we collected toys for needy kids this Christmas.

Joining me was the Chief of police of Mills Wyoming. He was there to volunteer a little time colleting toys from those pulling up to give.

He began telling the sad story of a woman their department had to serve a warrant on. (He skipped the details of what the legal issues were).

Police officer arresting a woman with handcuffs

"While in her house it was noticed that she was a single mom," he said. "She had 4 kids. Imagine how she must be struggling."

The image of Tiny Tim from The Christmas Carol came to mind, and their poor family. But in this case there was not a father in the house.

"They didn't have a tree up," he went on. "No presents. They really had mostly nothing in that place."


"The first thing we did was went out and got he a tree. But what good is a tree if it's not decorated."

"As for presents, we gave her about $250.00 in gift cards so she could get some presents and hopefully a few things that they might need in the house."

I mentioned that people in trouble can often go down a long dark road and just wind up in more trouble. But then someone comes along and does something like this.

Presents under Christmas tree, surface level
Ryan McVay

"That is so true," the chief said. "Some times people just need a little love and a little hope and it inspires them to make different choices. I'm hopping the love and the help we are showing her is one of those moments."

Thank you to the Mills Wyoming Police Department. There for us when we need their protection. Ready to dole out compassion and love when they see the need.

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