I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling that many will receive this as good news. A recent ranking says that more people are leaving Wyoming than just about any other state.

How do we know that the moving trucks are leaving Wyoming at a record pace? It's a video shared just a couple months ago by Nick Johnson from RoadSnacks. Nick put together this video this year based on percentage of people that left Wyoming in 2019.

Wyoming comes in as the #2 state in America that people are leaving the most. We only trail West Virginia in this category, according to Nick. But, what about that "maybe" part?

Whenever I see something like this, I try to research and find data that backs it up.I found Moving.org also included Wyoming in their top 5 for outbound movers.

Where are people going when they leave Wyoming? It seems some of the favorite destinations include Idaho, Texas and Florida according to Moving.org.

If you have the time, watch all of Nick's video about America's fastest shrinking states. If you love snark, you'll love his sense of humor.

If this study is accurate, I think many Wyomingites will see the trend of people moving out a bonus. In case you haven't heard, we tend to enjoy not having as many people around in our state.

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