Size does matter when it comes to population. If you're a fan of having more space to yourself in Wyoming, I have good news for you. A new study says we're shrinking faster than just about any other state in America.

Homesnacks just released their 2020 version of the "Fastest Shrinking States in America". On their new list, Wyoming ranks as the 2nd fastest state losing population, but we're really #1 if you're only counting the past year.

According to the story, Wyoming lost more population last year than anyplace else, but had previous population gains in the previous 10 years. That's why we only ranked at #2...for now. Why are we losing so many people? Here's a snippet of what they think:

Mostly jobs and better economies elsewhere. Americans DO want to live in less crowded places these days, but the sweet spot seems to be suburbs outside of major metro areas. There aren’t any major metro areas in the Cowboy State.

It's been no mystery that the energy industry which was responsible for so many of our jobs has taken a big hit this year. Unfortunately for many families, that trend doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.

To me, the most interesting part of this study is where Wyomingites are relocating to. According to Homesnacks, Wyoming is surrounded by 3 of the fastest growing states in America - Idaho, Colorado and Utah.

I'm always surprised how many respond to reports like this with glee. It's true that in Wyoming we value our elbow space and shy away from crowds. I have to wonder though if this loss of population because of jobs leaving will begin to cause some to see this in a less optimistic way.

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