When Jeremy Toribio, Mike Duffy, and Arlanzo Deleon were driving through Casper and saw an elderly woman attempting to shovel her walk after Casper's latest snowstorm, they didn't even hesitate.

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They got out of their truck and got to work.

"I'll tell you what," Toribio told K2 Radio News. "When we're driving around and we see an older lady struggling, or anybody struggling really, to get their snow removed, we just jump in and lend a helping hand. That lady yesterday, she was struggling, one shovel at a time, you know? And so, I was like 'Hey, we should stop and help this lady, you guys down?' And they said yeah. So we just hopped out of the truck and jumped into action."

It was a move that did not go unnoticed. The elderly woman told her daughter about it, who posted about it on Facebook.

"My husband was getting ready to go clear my parents driveway this morning," Gina Brady wrote on Casper Classifieds. "I called my mom to let her know he would be on his way and she said there was no need because God sent her 3 angels. I am not sure who they were, but this morning, 3 gentlemen driving a black Chevrolet truck, saw my 73-year-old mom shoveling a path and they stopped and asked if they could help."

Brady said, at the time, the men who helped didn't want any sort of payment, or really even any kind of acknowledgement. But she wanted to at least know who they were, so that she could properly thank them.


So K2 Radio News wrote up an article and, not even two hours later, their identities were revealed.

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"Last night I was just scrolling through my phone, checking K2 News on Facebook (nice), and I read the article and I'm like, 'Oh, yeah, we did that,'" laughed Toribio.

He left a comment, saying it was him, and then the floodgates were opened. Numerous people commented on the post, stating how kind it was for Toribio and his team to help out.

Turns out, it wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last, that they did something like this.

They call themselves 'The Lawn Rangers,' which is ingenious. It was Toribio's idea.

"I was looking for a different landscaping name," he stated. "So I came up with 'The Lawn Ranger' years ago. We're a small landscaping business in town and we mow lawns, do sprinkler systems and all the other stuff landscaping entails through the summertime. And then, as we progress to the fall, we do fall cleanups, gutter cleaning, and whatever else. Then when snow comes, we do snow removal for residentials and a few businesses in town that we take care of."

So, yes, you could argue that 'The Lawn Rangers' were simply doing their job. Except, it wasn't their job. They didn't charge the woman. They just did it because it was the right thing to do.

"It's not something I would say that we just go around looking to help people out," Toribio said. "But if we're driving a route and we see random people here and there who need help - it's not every day, but we do try to jump in and help out."

Toribio and his girlfriend also create and contribute to various fundraisers throughout the year.

"We've all had friends that have passed away through the years," he stated. "So there's a couple fundraisers we do every year, for a friend of ours. Our buddy Tucker Greeno passed away a few years ago, so every year we get a pool tournament going on and we raise money for his family. And then we have another one for another one of my friends that passed away from stage four cancer. We do a yearly 10-ball tournament for him to just raise money and bring people together and to keep their memory going. It's not even all about the money; it's just getting together and remembering these people that have passed."

Toribio also volunteers with the Youth Suicide Prevention Golf Tournament.

"We do it at Three Crowns Golf Course every year, because you know how youth suicide is in Wyoming."

Toribio does a lot for the community, because he loves this community.

"I've lived here for 27 years and I've always kind of had a good reputation in this town, in this community. Word of mouth goes a long way around here."

Indeed it does. The response to the snow shoveling story is proof of that.

It wasn't much. It took all of maybe 30 minutes. But what 'The Lawn Rangers' did for that older woman left an impression on not only her, but on her daughter, on this writer, on the entire community. It was a simple act; an intentional act of kindness. But it embodied everything that is good about the Christmas season, and everything that is good about Casper.

Tonto would be proud.

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