The Natrona County Sheriff's Office has recently launched a new Instagram Page.

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Created on January 13, The NCSO Instagram page will work together with the office's Facebook page to update, inform, educate, and more.

"The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Wyoming, serving a countywide population of about 80,000 citizens and covering about 5,376 square miles," The NCSO wrote on their first post. "We employ a total of 155 employees and of those 112 are sworn. We also operate one of the largest jails in the state with a total of 476 beds. The Natrona County Sheriff's Office has resident deputies at Alcova Lake, Casper Mountain, and Midwest. The Sheriff's Office also contracts with the Town of Bar Nunn to provide law enforcement services."

The NCSO wrote that they designed the page as a way to interact with the community and quickly share pertinent information.

We would like to remind visitors to this page that it is a public forum, and is open for all. Keeping this in mind, we expect comments to remain civil, and we reserve the right to delete any comment or post which contains any of the following:

  • Profane / abusive language, threats or content
  • Off-topic comments (spam)
  •  Content that promotes discrimination
  • Sexual content
  •  Commerce solicitations (ads)
  • Information that may compromise public safety or endorses illegal behavior
  • HIPPA protected information
  •  Copyrighted material

The launch of their Instagram page coincides with National Stalking Awareness Month, resulting in 7 out of 8 posts are focused on stalking and the effects therein.

In fact, in one of their posts, the NCSO reports that 1 in 4 victims report being stalked through the use of some form of technology (such as e-mail or instant messaging).

Additionally, the sheriff's department posted that "intimate partner stalkers," as compared to non-intimate, are more likely to:

  • Have criminal records and abuse drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Be threatening to their victims and more likely to reoffend.
  • Follow through on their threats of violence. For instance, one study found that 71% of the partner stalking victims who were threatened were actually assaulted compared to 33% of the non-intimate partner stalking victims who were threatened.
  •  Assault their victims.
  • Threaten with, or actually use weapons on their victims.
  •  Assault third parties.
  • Reoffend after a court intervention and to reoffend
    more quickly.
  • Contact and approach their victims more frequently.
  •  Be insulting and interfering/intrusive in the victim’s life.
  • Use the widest range of stalking tactics.
  • Escalate in frequency and intensity of pursuit more often.

The overarching message that the Natrona County Sheriff's Office is telling the community when it comes to stalking is this:

Know it. Name it. Stop it.


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