Riverton Wyoming Police Department received a call from a local business for reports of someone who had been in the store for a “suspicious” amount of time.

Store employees began to wonder what the man was up to.

When the officer showed up to confront this "suspicious man" he noticed that the 26-year-old was not wearing any shoes.

It's rather cold outside to be shoeless.

The young man was looking at shoes but did not have the money to buy any and was not sure what to do.

The officer ended up buying him a pair of shoes.

He then asked the man if he could move along since he had made store employees nervous.

Thank you to that Riverton Police officer for an act of kindness that shows what his community, and the Riverton Police force, are really all about.

This reminds me of a cold morning, not too long ago, when I saw a local police officer speaking with a man who was using a bus shelter as a place to spend the night.

It was far too cold to be outside and it was 2 am.

The officer was not giving this homeless man a hard time. He was offering help.

We should always remember that our men and women in blue have to deal with the worst situations and people that society has to offer daily.

Yet most of these officers do their jobs with the community's best interest in mind.

Headlines will scream when an officer has to pull and use his gun.

Rarely do we hear of when an officer buys a man down on his luck a pair of shoes.

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