If you're looking for a new series to binge and you love Wyoming hunting, may I suggest "Meateater". Season 9 is on Netflix right now and 2 episodes feature hunting in Wyoming.

Here's the trailer for "Meateater" season 9 on Netflix: Warning: Do not watch this if you're a vegetarian and/or a card-carrying member of PETA.

Here's what Netflix has to say about this series:

Steve's latest hunt-to-table adventures include eventful trips to Colorado, Texas and Wyoming — where he prepares savory dishes.

You'll see Wyoming in episode 3 and 4 called "Wyoming Mule Deer Part 1" and "Wyoming Mule Deer Part 2". Steve and Jesse ride 7 miles into the southwestern Wyoming wilderness in search of mule deer. Spoiler Alert: they find deer...lots of deer.

If you've followed this series over the many seasons, you'll recall that southeastern Wyoming was featured in season 7.

If this peaks your interest, you can watch it on Netflix right now or find out more details on the official website.

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