My worst fears have now been realized. It seriously does not get any scarier than this for me. A family recently discovered their ceiling was quite literally crawling with spiders.

Here's the backstory: A mother said her daughter informed them that she saw spiders on her ceiling. Hundreds and hundreds of spiders. Huntsman spiders. Huge spiders.

Here's what she said on the YouTube share:

Claudia Domrose shot video showing two big bunches of what she said were “baby” spiders. “They’re so cute,” she says, before joking, “Are you moving out now? Should we burn the house down?”

She went on to explain that none of the spiders were harmed and that she was just gonna let them walk away and "let nature be".


I know this will tick off PETA, but I'd have large gasoline flame throwers aimed at every part of this room. Spiders on fire is what would be happening.

In my defense, Wikipedia confirms that huntsman spiders are venomous and while they don't frequently harm humans, THERE IS THAT CHANCE. The good news is their habitat is native to tropical climates meaning they won't come within 1,000 miles of Wyoming or at least that's what I'm gonna be telling myself as I try to shed this nightmare thought. Ew.

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