The Aurora Borealis doesn't often come down as far as Wyoming. That's not to say it never does, it's just very rare.

This time it will not be coming down technically into Wyoming, the lights will be over Canada, but it will be far south enough that folks even in southern Wyoming might be able to see it.

There was a chance to see it Monday, September 29. There is a chance to see it again on the following night, which is tonight.

Weather should permit a visual of a colorful glow on the horizon for most of the state. You'll want to go outside long after sunset. You'll want to get away from lights and move off into a dark patch out in the country. That is not so hard to do in this state. If you can get up high, that's even better. If there are not any mountains or hills blocking the horizon, that is the best yet. Look north. There should be a colorful glow right on the horizon.

As always, there is an online map for this. You can look up the information you need here.

There is also a website called Dark Sky Finder. It is online and has an app that allows you to find the spot that has the least amount of human-produced light obstructing your view. For the star gazer and falling star lover it is the best way to soak in the most of what can been seen with the naked eye.

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