For those who don't know where Wyoming is, or don't think it even exist, this just might be an easy sell.

For those who know all about Wyoming, I still think I can make  sale or two.

Yes, Wyoming has ocean front property for sale, right now, and it is legit and legal.

Wyoming was once prime ocean front property as a part of an inland sea. You can still dig around in the sand and find seashells and sharks teeth to prove it. This state still has pelicans and seagulls.

So, if anyone wants to put there beach chairs out and sun themselves on Wyoming ocean front property, go right ahead. You're a few million years too late to hear the surf, but, hey, that just means  you won't find to many other people in bathing suits joining you.

Okay the water has moved far, far away. But depending on where you are in the state, the view can still be amazing.

Trying to sell your Wyoming land? Simply put a sigh up that says "Ocean Front Property." Just make sure to include that the tide is out, but you expect it to come back in a few million years or so.

So, the next time your kids start bothering you that they want to go see the ocean and spend a day on the beach- take them! When they tell you that you are lying just show them this map of the old Western Interior Seaway. 

You might want to explain to them how, at one time, most of Wyoming was underwater by showing them this map.

I mean, come on, you took them to the beach just like they asked. It's not your fault they asked a few million years too late.

ONE MORE THING - Don't forget Ocean Lake Wyoming. Ocean Lake in the central part of the state, at Kinnear, WY. It is a 6,000-acre lake with over 16 miles of shoreline. It is surrounded by rocky mountains and farmlands. Great fishing.

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