There is a theory that suggests the word 'shot' originated in saloons where a cowboy could pay with a single bullet (one shot) in trade for a small glass of whisky when they were short on cash.

There is no proof of that, but it makes for a great story.

Only in Wyoming can you walk up to the counter of the store and see a box of 9mm bullets for sale at 30 cents each.

Did you have to shoot something or somebody, and you're short a bullet or two in your gun?

Just grab a couple of these or as many as you need.

A sight like this box might panic folks in some other states.

Not so in Wyoming where open carry of firearms is a common thing.

Here's a look at the entire box.

attachment-By The bullet Tri County Merc 1

You'll find this grab box of buying-by-the-bullet sales at the Tri-County-Mercantile in Chugwater Wyoming.

Right next to the jar of nail clippers and chapstick.

Maybe they should have a prize if you can guess how many bullets are in the box.

attachment-Tri County Mercantile Chugwater Snow

There was not much left of old Chugwater, Wyoming.

The interstate ran people by it in an 80-mile-an-hour rush.

The train stopped dropping off travellers.

Chugwater's tiny downtown was closed up, save for the soda fountain.

The old Mercantile was just an empty building that appeared to only have a couple of years left in it.

Then a new generation got busy and made it worth pulling off the highway to see how Wyoming used to look, just a few generations ago.

Chugwater's Tri-County-Mercantile has had another inside facelift, bringing back what old town stores used to be all about.

Back then, a local store was about more than just picking up groceries.

Historic Wyoming Store Restored

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods


Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Reading The Past - Chugwater Wyoming Newspaper

These pages of the old Chugwter Wyoming newspaper show us coverage of the region from back in the 1940s.

There was little local news, other than the war.

But what was published at the time was important to the people of the area.

It was, in most case, the only news they had from outside their little ranch or town.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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