Out here in Wyoming and other Western states, we have all seen the beetle kill off thousands of acres of trees.

If only the Federal government had not gotten in the way of logging and the management of land. It could have all been avoided.

Yet who is paying attention to the sign beetles? 


We have all seen road signs in rural America. FULL OF HOLES!

All due to a massive beetle infestation. 

This is not to be mistaken with the holes made by concerned Wyoming citizens who perforate new sights with holes so they don't blow away in the wind.

There is a difference between the two. 

Below is a video of a couple of concerned citizens perforating signs to the Wyoming wind will not blow them to Nebraska.

Here is a sign that is being eaten by the dreaded WESTERN SIGN BEETLE!

This can cost the taxpayer MILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year.

The Wyoming Department Of Transportation is replacing these signs as fast as they can.

But the only way to really stop the problem is to find a way to catch the beetle and study it. It's so hard. These little guys are allusive.

attachment-sign holes 2

That's hard to do when these little critters only seem to go after a sign at night, on a weekend, during a full moon, after a few beers. Makes it hard to track them down.

The state is experimenting with different sprays to kill the beetle but environmentalist are concerned of the toxic waste that might be left behind.

Research is underway and the state needs your help. If you happen to see one of these little beetles eating holes in a sign near your, catch it if you can, and please call WYDOT.

Don't mistake a beetle for a concerned Wyoming citizen making air holes to protect against the wind.

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