This may come off like a rant, but I have some real scientific reasons why Netflix can and should bring back Longmire now. I believe my reasons would make even Nighthorse proud.

Many of us in Wyoming absolutely loved Longmire during it's run on A&E and eventually Netflix. More than loved, we supported the show and made it one of the most watched on television. Then, after 2017, it was gone. Looper just shared a where are they now video about the Longmire cast.

A couple weeks ago, C.H. commented on that video with a very valid point:

Netflix stupidest move to cancel this amazing series. it still haunts me, like a death, and I really miss it! The perfect assembly of incredible casting supported the amazing ON-POINT writing, everyone had incredible talent to bring, every story was so grounded, so fresh. The great writers brought new eyes to a culture most of us never knew. All was so credible. The source material created a wonderful foundation to build this world of Walt Longmire & Co. upon. Believability is what these mega-talented actors brought to these stories. IF NCIS can run 18 seasons and still be be beloved, so can LONGMIRE. NETFLIX BE A HERO -- BRING LONGMIRE BACK. YOU CAN DO IT.

I agree, C.H. Netflix can and should bring back Longmire and here are some valid (I think) reasons why:

1. Longmire audience ratings are among the highest for any TV show in history. It has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 88% and an average audience score of 92%. That's higher than just about any other ongoing series currently on television. The Flash is a popular show getting ready for a new season in 2021 and it's audience score is only 68%. Even Stranger Things only has an audience score of 91% and it's one of the most anticipated shows of this year.

2. The author and cast can and want more Longmire to happen. We interviewed Craig Johnson about his Longmire book series and he said that at least a movie would be doable even if a renewal of the series isn't. If you follow Walt Longmire (actor Robert Taylor) on Instagram, you'll see many pics of him and former cast members who STILL hang out together.

3. The cast all seem to have a window of opportunity this year for production. When we explored the possibility of a Longmire movie, we learned that Robert Taylor, Katie Sackhoff and many Longmire originals have time based on known plans to shoot new Longmire episodes this year if the pandemic allows. Katie Sackhoff has the most projects listed on IMDb, but even she looks to be available later this year.

4. Ongoing attendance at Longmire Days shows Longmire's huge audience will still support the show. We had a huge response when we shared that Longmire Days will happen in 2021, but has been delayed until September. How great would it be for them to announce the return of the show at this year's event? I can dream.

5. Netflix has jacked up prices, so they can afford it. Remember when Netflix bumped prices up last October? I do. Thanks to more binge-watching during the pandemic, Netflix has even more income and budget to order another year or two of Longmire.

6. The TV series barely scratched the surface of the Longmire story. If you look at Craig Johnson's Longmire books on Fantastic Fiction, you can see there are multitudes of new storylines to explore. Katie following Walt as Sheriff? Her battle with cartels? So many possibilities.

It's true that many Wyomingites have moved on to Kevin Costner's Yellowstone, but don't tell me we wouldn't also wildly support the return of Longmire. C'mon Netflix. You can and should make this happen. Now.

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