From August 18-21, the city of Buffalo, WY and Johnson County will transform into Durant, WY and Absaroka County when Longmire Days returns for another star studded event.

The 'Longmire' books, written by best selling Wyoming author Craig Johnson, were turned into a fan favorite TV show (2012) but only ran a couple seasons before being canceled. Netflix (2014) saw the interest and brought the show back for 3 more seasons.

The show created so many fans, that even to this day there are rumors of the shows return and even a movie has been talked about. The large fan base also led to the creation of Longmire Days and an opportunity for the fans to walk the "same" streets that Walt, Vic, Henry, Cady, and The Ferg roamed. The four day event is also a chance for fans to come together and share their love of the books, show and even get a chance to mingle with some of the shows stars.

Stars of the show have made their way back to 'Durant' (Buffalo) over the years to return the love to fans. This year will be the first since 2019 that Longmire Days will be an 'in person' event and they're bringing in the BIG DOGS. Robert Taylor, who played the role of Walt Longmire, Adam Bartley, who played The Ferg and Craig Johnson will all be part of this years event.

Longmire Days is an event that was created by The Longmire Foundation, which was created as a charitable organization by the Johnson family, to help support the same principles of Walt. Honesty, Integrity and Compassion. Over the years the foundation has been able to make donations to great causes and even though the last couple years have been affected by Covid, they've still been able to donate nearly $80,000 to charities.

Tickets to the August 18-21 event are on sale. General Admission is just $10 (plus fees). This ticket gives you basic access to all days of the overall event and the street dance on Saturday. You'll need the General Admission ticket to attend any of the special events during the 4 days. You can find the events and ticket links on the events page at Longmire

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