There is an online petition asking Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon to end the order that all public school students must wear a face mask, due to COVID-19.

A caller to the Wake Up Wyoming morning show let me know of it, and told me that the author of the petition will be on the air, on our affiliate station in Cheyenne, KGAB, this Saturday morning 9/12/20 at 11:40am.


We need to retract public health order 1 and allow schools to function normally. Masks should be a parent/child decision, not forced by the state governments. It is overriding school district plans. Governor Gordon, retract it and stop restricting our schools (most important), businesses, and citizens.

We can do this in two ways. First, Governor Gordon and Dr Harrist can retract the public health order enforcing the COVID restrictions. Secondly, we can all get in contact with our state representatives to propose a bill to get rid of all restrictions, similar to what Idaho is doing currently. 

I exchanged emails with Doug Randall and he told me that he was concerned with what he sees as possible incorrect wording regarding restrictions to businesses and citizens. I'm sure that part will be hashed out on Saturday's show on KGAB.

If you are out of range of 650-AM KGAB this Saturday you can listen to the program online at this link. 

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