With an extension on the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt and a multitude of birds from the Downar Game Bird, pheasant hunters have an exciting season ahead.

The Springer Special Pheasant Hunt has been extended from 16 days to 23 days this year. It opens on Thursday, October 15, and runs through Friday, November 6. There will be a youth-only hunt are Saturday, October 17, Sunday, October 25, and Saturday, October 31.

There will be pheasants released each day at the Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA)during this event.

All hunters must check-in and out at the Springer Check Station during the dates of the pheasant hunt.

The regular pheasant season is from November 7 through December 31. Birds will be stocked throughout most of the regular season.

Hunters are reminded that in addition to appropriate licensing, hunter education requirements, and a conservation stamp, a $15.50 pheasant special management permit is required for all ages for the Springer and Glendo hunts.

A state park permit is also required for the Glendo hunt locations other than the County Line area.

Additional information on pheasant hunting and maps of the walk-in areas can be found at wgfd.wyo.gov/regulations.

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