It was, this year as with every year, a group effort.

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Every year, when the David Street Station begins the process of installing the Community Christmas Tree, it takes a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of teamwork.

First, they have to decide on the tree that they want to use. To do this, they ask the community to nominate somebody (or themselves) if they have a fir that is big enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough to be placed in the center of the David Street Station Splash Pad.

Then, they rely on local companies to chop the tree down, move it across town, hook it up to a crane, and actually install it at the station.

It takes a lot of people to make this tradition happen, and it's a tradition that the community deeply, deeply cares for.

Rodolph Brothers is the company that cuts down and eventually secures the tree.

Black Hills Trucking lifts the tree up and onto a trailer for it to be transported to the station.

Total Oilfield Rentals drove the tree across town, to the David Street Station.

Black Hills Trucking then raised the tree up over the facility and dropped it into place.

Finally Rodolph Brothers secured the tree in place, bolting it to the ground and securing the top with wires that will stretch out over the splash pad and fasten into pillars.

Every single one of these companies (and the employees who represent them) play an integral role in providing this tradition to the community, year after year.

And, for them, it's a complete privilege.

"It's great!" said Jacob Rodolph, one of the family members of the titular brothers. "We've been doing it since David Street Station was created, and it's good to be a part of the community and show that we care about people. So if we can make people happy, it's great."

Kelsa Rodolph agreed.

"It's cool," she said. "I live around this area, so I drive past here every day and it's great fun to see. There's always lots of kids out here playing around the tree and it's always lit up."

That part comes later but today, every company that served as a part of the tree installation should be proud of themselves.

"We're always happy to help and TOTAL is proud to carry on with such a great tradition," said Andrew Atkins. "Thank you to everyone involved."

Thank you, especially, to David Street Station for providing the community with this gorgeous Christmas Tree for one more year.

Next up...the lights and decorations! We'll see you there.

Photos from the Community Christmas Tree installation can be seen below:

David Street Stations Installs Community Christmas Tree

The David Street Station installed its Community Christmas Tree on Friday, November 11.

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