It was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time before The Grinch revealed his master plan to thwart Christmas in Casper.

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According to a newly-released report from the Casper Police Department, they are hot on the trails of the nausea-inducing Grinch.

"It's clear The Grinch is trying to distract us with questionable dance moves, but we are right on his trail!" a post from the CPD stated. "Casper, we're ready- but we need your help. We have reason to believe The Grinch is plotting to steal our Community Christmas Tree tomorrow at David Street Station. Our intel says The Grinch will make this attempt between 1:45pm and 2:00pm. Together, we can save Christmas."

Operation: Get The Grinch is in full swing and Casper and, while the Casper Police Department is fully equipped to deal with the typical lot of criminals, there's something about this heel that makes him incredibly hard to catch. That's why the CPD is requesting community assistance.

Based on prior reports, The Grinch does have a weakness that causes his typical too-small heart to grow. Children, it seems, are able to capture what few strings of humanity The Grinch has left. Something about kiddos, especially kiddos who really, really, really love Christmas, seems to melt The Grinch into a quivering mass of blubber. He just likes 'em, that's all.

And so, it is the duty of this publication and all of its affiliates to formally request the assistance of Casper's children tomorrow, Saturday, December 18th at 1:45pm, at the David Street Station.

We can't promise it will be easy. We can't promise The Grinch will go quietly into that good night. But it is our hope that, with the help of Casper's kiddos, that we can not only assist the CPD in apprehending The Grinch; but that maybe, just maybe, we can show him the true meaning of Christmas.

And maybe, just maybe, The Grinch's heart will grow three sizes.

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