According to the Greybull Standard, the small Wyoming town council members continue to review the proposed dog ordinance that would ban pitbulls in city limits.

The review comes after two separate dog attacks last year that resulted in injuries.

The first incident occurred in a parking lot when a border collie jumped from a pickup truck, rushed a person, and bit them. The victim requited some medical attention.

The second attack involved two pitbulls.

Just south of town, a local officer arrived on scene to witness a pitbull attacking a man. The officer fired his weapon and injured the dog. A second pitbull at the scene rushed the officer. The officer shot again, injuring the second dog.

The debate before the town council takes the usual two sides of those who point to statistics that they say show the dog is a dangerous breed. The other side argues "It's how they are raised."

At this point the ordinance is under debate and review with public comment.


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