Tired of your job? Want to do something fun, important, and funny as HELL?

Well, just such a business is for sale and can be yours.

A Prairie Dog Vacuum Business. 


Back in 2017, I wrote a story about probably the most unique business I have ever heard of.


Prairie dogs have never gotten along with farmers and ranchers. Livestock is injured when they step in prairie dog holes. Land becomes useless for humans to work. The population of a prairie dog town explodes what it is established and it can put a family ranch out of business in just a few years.

Ranchers have used anything they could think of to rid their land of this cute little chirping pest. They have gassed, poisoned, drowned, and done anything else they could think of. Even blowing them up in unusual ways including a high-pressure air hose that forces air into the ground. There are usually just too many to shoot.

So, have they tried everything? What if, rather than forcing air down the hole to blow them up we sucked air, drawing them out?

It was a caller to my morning talk show that let me know about the Prairie Dog Vacuum. 

A what?

Prairie Ecosystem Conservation Alliance (PECA) swears by it.

The system was built by Gay Balfour of Cortez, CO, using a modified sewer-clearing truck to generate suction through a long hose. This amazing modified machine whisks the little furry rodents through the rubber hose at an amazing 60 mph.

Environmentalists were outraged when they first heard of the prairie dog vacuum but while getting sucked into a waiting truck might shock and confuse the little varmints, it does not seem to harm them, and they can be relocated.

The company charges $1000 a day and can clear about 20 acres in a day or about 800 holes.

Well, according to Cowboy State Daily, that business is not for sale.

The owner is now 81 years old and he wants to retire.

Custer State Park - Black Hills South Dakota
Jenny Harding, For TSM

For more than three decades, that was a cornerstone method used by Dog-Gone Prairie Dog Control, founded and run by Gay Balfour of Cortez, Colorado.

“I still have all of my equipment. If you find somebody who is interested, I’d sell it to them at a reasonable price,” Balfour told Cowboy State Daily during a telephone interview on Friday. (Cowboy State Daily).

Imagine going to parties and telling people what you do for a living. Nobody else at the party can claim to do what you do.

Imagine the HOURS of joy, each day, watching confused prairie dogs landing in a cage after being sucked out of their home. WHAT FUN!

YEAH - you're tempted to buy this company, aren't you?

I Swear I'll Kill You If You Play That

Recently, a Wyoming man was convicted of assaulting and shooting another man over an argument about a song on the radio.

No one died. The shooter got 7 years and a $1,357 fine.

This much we know but the public never got to hear - WHAT WAS THE SONG?

Imagine yourself on a long Wyoming highway, late at night. You're driving with someone and a song that you just HATE comes on the radio. But they turn it UP and start to sting along.

How bad does the song have to be to justify doing what you are thinking?

Below are some examples.

Vintage Wyoming Movie Posters

I love walking down the hallway of a modern movie theater and looking at the old posters of vintage movies.

That got me thinking about old Westerns based on Wyoming. How many of those posters are still around?

Many are, and many are for sale online, if you want to decorate your home, or even home theater, with classic and mostly forgotten movie posters.

Most of these films were made before the era of television. Hollywood was cranking out these things as fast as they could.

The plots, the scrips, the acting, directing, and editing were SO BAD, they were good.

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