Sheridan County Airport Business Park will be welcoming a new corporation and about 260 jobs. A facility will be built in Sheridan County Airport Business Park.

As the name suggests, Falcon Car Corporation builds vehicles. They plan to produce 2,999 vehicles in 2023 and 2024. They manufacture the Falcon 9X full-size pickup trucks and Falcon 3B buses.

The Falcon 9X full-size pickup trucks and Falcon 3B buses are electric vehicles.

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As part of the deal for coming to Wyoming, the company will initially pay $15,000 a year for the first five years. Rent will be increased in years after based on the Wyoming Cost of Living Index.

The parent company, DynamiX, will house its corporate aircraft on the site where they will develop electrical flight systems.

A new building will be constructed on-site for Falcon Cars. That project will begin later this year.

This means that the company is attempting to expand what it does. The company website, seen at this link, touts that they are leaders in mixing technology. It certainly shows when you have a look to see all of what they are involved in.

DynamiX Energy is a complete energy solution provider with capabilities ranging from 236MW gas-fired turbine power generation to electric mobility charging stations.

Our organization remains focused on our founding principles of power generation. Like many companies today there are looking into wind, solar, and batteries as the future of energy production.

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