More than 86,000 Wyoming voters have been purged from voter rolls.

This is due to a state law that requires county clerks to remove people who did not vote in the most recent election.

Don't panic. Just see if you need to re-register.

You might be notified by mail. County clerks typically send postcards to those being purged.

Wyoming is one of 20 states that have this law. It helps keep the voter rolls clear of people who have died or moved out of state.

"For folks who have not voted during the 2022 election, it's really the right time now to get to their county clerk's office and register for the 2024 presidential election, (Tom Lacock, AARP Wyoming).


Wyoming had a record-low turnout in the 2022 general election. This has led to a high number of voters being purged.

"The other big change this year is we're going to see the number of days that voters can participate in early voting dropped from 45 days to just 28 days," (Tom Lacock).

This is also the time to pick your party, before the primary and general election.

A new state law also is in place to prevent party hopping between the primary and general election.

Did you vote in the last election?

If you did you are probably still registered, but it's a good idea to make sure.

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

Watch your mailbox for a note from your county clerk.

It's a good idea to go to your local election office, just to make sure that you are registered.

The sooner the better, if you wish to participate in the primary elections, before the general.

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