Early voting on General Election Day started fast and leveled off quickly at the two largest polling places in Natrona County, election officials said Tuesday.

"We had a rush in the beginning and then it's been steady and quiet, said Ronda Stienmetz, elections manager at the Restoration Church at 411 S. Walsh Drive.

The church is home to six precincts, Stienmetz said.

A similar scenario played out at the Industrial Building at the Natrona County Fairgrounds, where voters lined the sidewalk to The Arena.

The Industrial Building is home to 14 precincts.

Rob Hendry oversaw the front door and lobby, welcomed them, and directed them to and through the maze of lanes.

"Everybody in and out of the cold in eight minutes," said Hendry, who lost his Republican primary bid for re-election as a Natrona County Commissioner.

The initial rush lasted for about 15 minutes, then turned slow and steady.

While the line was long, it and the number of voters paled compared to the Aug. 16 primary, when it stretched to the Fairgrounds' gate, Hendry said.

On that date, which decided many races, the rush continued until before 10 a.m., followed by a 10-minute break, then a rush for the rest of the day, he said.


Voting at Industrial Building, Natrona County Fairgrounds

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