Former Wyoming legislator Scott Clem called for civil disobedience against state health mandates at a Monday rally at the Wyoming Capitol Building in downtown Cheyenne.

Speaking to a crowd estimated at 250-300 people, Clem, who served several terms in the Legislature as a Republican from Campbell County, criticized Governor Mark Gordon for "tyranny" on state health orders designed to fight the spread of COVID-19. Clem at one point said of the governor "I hope he can hear us in his office."

Clem also urged people who are not considered high risk for the virus to disobey health mandates that he said were unconstitutional and illegal. He also said, however, that people who feel the need to wear a mask for health reasons should do so.

''Everybody needs to make up their own mind without the government trying to tell us what to do" Clem said. He also blasted the Wyoming Legislature for not standing up against the mask mandates, adding ''We have a crisis on the separation of powers."

At one point, someone in the crowd called for Clem to run for Governor in 2024, which drew a round of applause. Clem said, ''Well, I don't know about that" as the applause died down.

Clem told Townsquare Media of Cheyenne on Saturday that he was not sure whether the Monday rally would be a one-time event or the first in a series, adding "that depends on what the governor does."

A handful of counter-protesters also attended the rally, holding signs in favor of mask usage and in support of Governor Gordon. The governor on Saturday announced an easing of restrictions on the hours that bars and restaurants can remain open.


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