Everyone needs love and that includes rattlesnakes. A new video shows a special combat dance they do to decide who gets a girlfriend.

This video was captured in northern Colorado recently.

If you'd like a fun internet rabbit trail, Google "how rattlesnakes mate". It'll lead to hours of reading fun including one by The Trailmaster Blog who detailed the sex lives of rattlesnakes. It mentions that summer time is a prime part of the year for this ritual.

The rattlesnake Wikipedia page is even more enjoyable as it also documents mating rituals which peak in the summer and early fall. According to them, the girl snakes secrete sex pheromones which leave a trail for boy snakes to follow. Once a guy snake finds a receptive woman snake, the process takes weeks for him to try and impress her. That's probably the most G-rated simplified version of snake reproduction you'll ever read.

Rattlesnake Solutions goes in-depth to this combat dance saying that it's more mental wrestling than physical battle. Whichever male "wins", will result in the loser fleeing the area:

They might fight for seconds or many minutes, but the winner of the battle will stay and mate with the female rattlesnake. The losing opponent will generally flee.

When I saw this described as a combat video, I expected one snake to live and the other not. As it turns out, snake fights are more civilized than some human ones these days.

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