We humans often don't understand rutting season, because we mate any time we feel like it. Sometimes just because we are bored.

But it's not like that in nature.

In nature, there are seasons for such activities. The animals know the rules.

Imagine if you are married and your wife said to you, "Not tonight honey, it's only August."

Just like some half-drunk redneck in a bar might try an opening line line "HEY BAByyyyy," an animal might try something like "RRROOOFFGGSSFHHFHF." It's essentially the same thing but in elk or goose, or something.

It's mid-September. That means rutting season for a lot of animals in Wyoming. Including Bigfoot or Sasquatch if you prefer.

So what does a bigfoot mating call sound like? Believe it or not, the people in the video below are trying to mimic it. NOT KIDDING. They are actually having a contest.

Despite using microphones and speakers, so far, not one bigfoot had come running out of the woods looking to "hook up." So I don't think these people actually know what they are saying as they make these noises.

But just a word to the wise if you are out in Wyoming's wilderness this time of year: Do not make any noises you don't normally make, you have no idea what you might be saying.

If you see a bigfoot, and you think it might be checking you out, do not make eye contact.

Trust me, they don't ask if they can buy you a drink first. They just come running down from the hills at you and what happens next is really disturbing.

For those who think you might have bigfoots rutting in your neck of Wyoming, you can buy a warning sign to post on your property.

You can get this sign on ETSY for just $16.95.

attachment-Bigfoot breading area ETSY

If found this next sign on Amazon for just $9.95.

It might be more accurate as to what you might see coming at you should a Sasquatch think you're hot stuff.

Though I'm not sure if the big hairy dude would be carrying a rose. More like natural flowers.

I could not find any signs cautioning against lady bigfoots. Though they can be just as bad. So don't go thinking you're safe if you're a guy.

attachment-bigfood breading area AMAZON

A word of caution if you put a sign like this on your property:

Some freaky people would look at this sign as an opportunity to do something -- freaky -- with a bigfoot.

We can't help you with that.

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