There is a Washington DC restaurant that decided to buy mannequins, dress them up in elegant themes, and place them at tables in poses that look like they are other diners.

I have to admit, it is more than just a clever idea.

Restaurants are now opening but they can't have us all sitting close together anymore. But having us sit so spread out will feel a little odd.

So why not fill the space creatively?

On the positive side, this will give the living people more to talk about as they admire the clever costumes and poses. I'm sure it also provides a lot of fun for the staff as they think of different ways to dress up and pose those non-living consumers.

On the down side, I can see someone who has had a bit too much to drink sauntering over to hit on one of the well-posed ladies... or maybe that's still part of the positive side? Free entertainment?

Creativity like this wakes up the imagination and makes us all feel better despite the situation we are in.

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