Dinesh D'Souza immigrated from India, a socialist country at the time, to America. He was seeking freedom and opportunity.

He was not here long before he found socialism attacking the free thinking, free market principals that created his new home. He has been outspoken ever since.

His newest documentary, Trump Card, is a look at how the radical left and the establishment of the "deep state" are working to change the principals that made America great.

The good news is, the documentary exposes many things and connects the dots.

The bad news is that some of the production qualities are a little lame. Frankly, I did not need a hokey Trump impersonator to reenact some events. It came off as a little too cheesy for me. But then again I have always been impressed with who Dinesh can get to appear in his documentaries, and never very impressed with the production qualities.

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Trump Card looks at the origins of the gangs that riot in our cities. D'Souza looks into the political corruption, how they get away with things that you and I would get arrested for and how they loot from the American people to enrich themselves. Most disturbing, I thought, was how government is used against those who call out the corrupt.

As always, Dinesh does not see doom and gloom for America. He sees a nation worth fighting for.

What worries The Deep State, according to Dinesh, is a man like Donald Trump, who can get middle America excited about America again.

One final note, I do find it interesting that, in the age of Covid-19, there are not really many theaters to show his documentary in. But that does not matter anymore. These days someone can create a movie like this and sell it over the internet, direct to the people. Movie theaters are no longer needed.

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