The Buckin' Brew coffee shop is hosting a car show from 10am-2pm on Saturday, June 5th to benefit Sammy Dunnuck, a young boy who was diagnosed with a debilitating, fatal, disease.

It happened a year ago. Sammy was eight years old when he was diagnosed with UBTF mutation, a neurodegenerative disease which causes bran atrophy (death). In the broadest definitions, this means that a child could have normal development until about 2 or 3 years of age, followed by a rapid decline in all areas, including: speech, movement, cognition, learning and, finally, life-sustaining skills like eating, drinking, and breathing.

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Sammy’s parents, one of whom is a Casper Police Department Officer, have been working tireless to find the best treatment options available, and they are excited to share that new research is being conducted.

“The diagnoses was very hard to hear and we were given no hope,” Sammy’s parents wrote in a letter. “With such a rare diagnoses, no treatment research has been completed and funding is not readily available.”

But now, there is a new possibility of research and Sammy’s parents are trying to raise money to find treatment and a cure, for their boy and for any other child this disease will affect in the future.

“The new possibility of research is such exciting news!” the letter stated. “ALL money generated goes to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA and will be used to directly study Sammy and about four to seven other children in the U.S. who have received this diagnoses. The goal is to understand more about the disease, it’s destructive nature and hopefully find a treatment or cure. We appreciate any and all support, sending ‘Sammy loves’ to you all!”

The car show on Saturday will feature an enormous array of beautiful cars, as well as a silent auction, a prize wheel, grab bags, cotton candy, snow cones, food trucks and more! Buckin' Brew is located at 4789 W. Yellowstone Highway.

All proceeds from the car show will be donated to the Dunnuck family, in an effort to spread awareness and find a cure.

These are the types of situations that Casper was made for. These are the types of stories that inspire our community to come together and work for something bigger. These are the chances that we get to show what exactly we’re made of.

To donate or for more about Sammy’s Story, you can visit the fundraising page right here.

Casper takes care of our own. And Sammy is one of ours. So whether you choose to donate, raise funds, or even just spread awareness about Sammy’s story, if you come to this car show, you will make a real, tangible difference in the life of this little boy and in the lives of his parents. Let’s show Sammy, and his mom and dad, that they are not alone in this battle. Let’s show them that we are #bettertogether. More than anything, let's save Sammy.

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