A list of books, with links, that some Campbell County Wyoming residents see as offensive is located at the bottom of this article.

The battle over books had been ongoing in Campbell County Wyoming since last July.

Some Campbell County residents have been pushing the Campbell County Public Library to relocate or remove books aimed at children and teens about topics such as LGBTQ issues, gender identity, and sex education.

One side of the argument says this is book banning.

The other side says that this material is inappropriate for kids of such a young age.

According to Wyoming Public Media 

Flyers demanding the resignations and/or removal of the current board members and the library director were sent to members of the board from MassResistance, an organization that some local activists and community members have been in contact with since last summer.

Inna Reznik
Inna Reznik

According to the group, MassRisistance, 

"Most pro-family organizations want to hold conferences, give talks, and public papers," said Arthur Schaper, Organization Director for MassResistance. "We focus on organizing, parents particularly, and citizens generally, to fight the LGBT agenda, the destructive cultural Marxist agenda in all of its forms. We've seen these destructive behaviors go from the bedroom to the boardroom to the classroom, invading the public square, harming public health, harming the natural rights of all citizens—and our goal is to push back and put an end to this agenda." (Wyoming Public Media).

The library does acknowledge that some materials may be considered offensive by some in the community. 

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

"Books are selected as per our collection development policy, which is approved by the Library Board of Trustees," said CCPL Director Terri Lesley in an email to Wyoming Public Media. "The policy aligns with our mission to provide diverse cultural opportunities for reading, learning and entertainment to all citizens of our community." (Wyoming Public Media).

Approximately 30 books have been challenged or appealed for either removal from the children and/or teen section to regular adult circulation, or outright removal from the library. (WPM).

This battle over books is not unique to Campbell County Wyoming. It's being fought all over the nation.

Below is a video of mom reading from a book to her school board, some sexually explicit material.

At several school board meetings around the nation, parents have read from some books that were so explicit the board told the parent to stop reading. The material was "inappropriate" for a public meeting.

At this point, the parent asked, "Then what is it doing in the kid's section of our library?"

In the video below a parent was actually removed from a school board meeting for reading from a book found in the kid's section of the library.

So are the books from the public library in Campbell County Wyoming this bad.

You be the judge. Here is the link of books that have been objected to with links to you can find them and read them for yourself.

This Book is Gay, by Juno Dawson (challenged to library board)  

Trans Mission- My Quest to a Beard, by A. Bertie (challenged to library board)

The V-Word: True Stories about First-Time Sex, by Amber Keyser (challenged to library board)

Mary Wears What She Wants, by Keith Negley (challenged to library board)

Meena, by Ine Van Mol (challenged to library board)

Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities, by G., Mady (challenged to library board)

Music from Another World, by Robin Talley (challenged to library board)

The Babysitters Coven, by Kate Williams (challenged to library board)

Sex Plus: learning, loving and enjoying your bodyby Laci Green (challenged to library board)

Desmond is Amazing, by Desmond (challenged to library board)

Gender Queer, by Maia Kobabe (moved by manager from Young Adult Graphic Novel to Adult Graphic Novel) subsequently appealed to Library Director to remove from library completely; appeal denied by the director; patron did not appeal to library board)

A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disabilityby A. Andrews (moved by manager from Young Adult Graphic Novel to Adult Graphic Novel)

The Black Flamingo, by Dean Atta

Heartstopper, by Alice Oseman

Jane Against the World, by Karen Blumenthal

My Body My Choice, by Robin Stevenson

How Do You Make a Baby? by Anna Fiske

Doing It!: Let’s Talk About Sex, by Hannah Witton

Rainbow: A First Book of Prideby Michael Genhart

Dating and Sexby Andrew Smiler

Jack (Not Jackie)by Erica Silverman

Lawn Boyby Jonathan Evison

Period Powerby Nadya Okamoto

Heather has Two Mommiesby Leslea Newman

It’s Not the Stork! by Robie Harris

Sex is a Funny Wordby Cory Silberberg

You Be Youby Jonathan Branfman

The Gender Identity Workbook for Kidsby Kelly Storck

Asking About Sex and Growing Upby Joanna Cole

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