Cowboy State Daily just published a story about a nonpartisan research organization that recently gave Wyoming a grade of “F” when it came to employment opportunities and earning potential for women in the state. In the past, some of Wyoming's newspapers, as well as Wyoming Public Media, have published similar "studies."

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research published a report on Tuesday covering employment and earning data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic. (CSD).

First, whenever you see "nonpartisan" be sure that, in fact, it is a partisan group with an agenda. Using that word is a typical ploy to fool people into thinking that both sides agree on the results of their "studies."

As for the gender pay gap, it was proven to be a myth a long time ago, yet partisan groups like this "nonpartisan group" continue to push it.

The original "study" simply took a look at how much men were paid compared to women and noticed that men were making more money. Therefore there must be bias in the workplace, it assumed.

Here are just a few things that "study" did not consider:

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Men are far more likely to choose careers that are more dangerous, so they naturally pay more.

Men typically choose to work in higher-paying fields and occupations. According to the White House report.

Men are far more likely to take work in uncomfortable, isolated, and undesirable locations, like outside in Wyoming under all weather conditions, because those positions pay more.

Men typically don't mind taking jobs where they will work 15 percent longer than the average full-time working woman.

Men are more likely to take jobs that require work on weekends, evenings, holidays and therefore pay more.

In the same profession, men gravitate toward the more well paid higher-stressed jobs. Take the medical profession as an example, men gravitate to relatively high-stress and high-paying areas like surgery. Women generally gravitate to less stressful and lower-paying specialties like pediatricians or dentists.

On the other hand unmarried women who do not have kids make as much as unmarried men, according to Nemko and data compiled from the Census Bureau.

A Rochester Institute of Technology study shows that money is the primary motivator for 76% of men versus only 29% of women. In other words, women tend to have other priorities than making a lot of money.

Nemko's also found that when women make the same career choices as men, they earn the same amount as men.

There are 50 peer-reviewed studies that have shown that the gender pay gap is a myth. Yet our news media only focuses on that one narrative that has already been debunked.

You can learn more about the gender pay myth in the video below.

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