There was a time when someone was up in the Church tower of St. Mark's Episcopal every day. The bells there are played by pushing down on a series of short poles. Someone talented enough would know how to play a tune.

No one really goes up there anymore. But then again... why would anyone want to once they hear the history of the old place (and perhaps who haunts it)?

A few years ago I was privileged to be part of a tour group that was taken up the winding staircase to the haunted bell tower of the old church.

According their account, there is more than one spirit up there.

While the minister is skeptical of hauntings he was good enough to take us up and tell the stories of the people who died for various reasons during the construction of the bell tower and in mishaps afterward.

attachment-Inside St Marks Tower Cheyenne

Most of these ghost stories have been forgotten by the people of Cheyenne, but not by the people of St. Marks Church.

See if you can spot anything unusual in the video. Some people have watched it and pointed out strange things up in the tower, mostly in and around the windows.

Perhaps one curious item can be spotted on the stairs as we ascend.

After the tour, I asked about the bells and how they work.

Stay with the video for that. It's interesting to watch someone operate them.

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