It's nowhere near October.

Too soon for GHOSTS?


The Casper Theater Company is hosting a walking ghost tour of Casper’s most haunted areas.

Go spook hunting with them, June 28–29 and July 12–13 starting at 8:45 p.m..

Shea Ward will join you at the corner of 2nd and Durbin.

Be just a little early.

You'll walk down the alleys of Casper’s downtown and stop occasionally for stories that have been told over the years by people who live and work in the downtown area.

Tickets are now available on the "BUY TICKETS" Button on the right of this page. Tickets are $25 for pre-purchase, and $30 for walk-up. For more information please call 307-267-7243 The tour is an hour and a half in duration.


Highland Cemetery tour

September 13-14, 20-21. It will be hosted by Hubert Townsend. Tickets are $25. More information available in August.

Yes, there are haunted "hotspots" in the downtown area.

On June 8, 1888, John Merritt and C.W. Eads established the town of Casper at the intersection of McKinley and A Streets.

The town has been around long enough to acquire a few good ghost stories.

Casper has haunted buildings and locations.

Paranormal Research Society of Casper member Lisa Lauderdale claims to have documented mysterious activity at The Wonder Bar, including employees feeling pushed by unseen forces, footsteps upstairs when the building is empty, and glasses falling off the bar.

People have reported an old man behind the bar that is there, but a split second later is not.

If you live in a town named CASPER, you're going to have ghosts.

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