Most of Yellowstone is open but there is still a large section of the park that is under heavier construction after this past spring's historic flood.

I bet you're wondering how they are doing.

Yellowstone National Park has just released several website pages of photos, along with a few videos, of the repair work.

Before we get to the photos here is a video, one of 2 in this post, shot from a helicopter that flew over this area.

The first of the photos is from the North East Entrance to the park.

This is an area that locals would love to see open soon.

But workers are taking their time to make sure the work holds up now, and during future flooding events.

You can see by this first photo that repairing the road by the river means making sure the land above is secure.

Lots of heavy equipment on the top side and down below.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 1

In some cases, they had to rip the road down below its base and start again.

In other cases the road was completely torn away by the flood waters, so they had to find a new place to put the road, alongside the river.

Floods like this last one in Yellowstone are not unprecedented.

But they are rare. VERY Rare.

So since nobody knows when the next one will happen, next year or maybe 1000 years from now, precautions will be taken as they rebuild.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 2

Here is a place where the road was washed out.

So do they lay the new ground and try again or do they move the road up the hill?

In this case, it looks like they decided to continue along by the river, not up the hill where it might be safe from future flood waters.

It is a question that is answered case by case.

Rivers are always twisting and winding and carving into the land. So, what was dry land a few years ago, the river might decide to claim this year.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 3

But you can see that they are building up a barrier so the river has a harder time moving toward the road.

There is room left for overflow for future high water times.

Though this probably will not hold when, and who knows when, a flood like that last one happens again.

Rivers like this can be turned.

But in the end, mother nature has the final say.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 4

The road you are looking at in the photo below had completely collapsed and was washed down the hill.

The only thing to do here is to carve back in and do what can be done to support it.

I'm sure they are thinking of how to divert the water here in the next big rain event.

Hey, don't forget the guard rail on this one fellaS.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 5

Here is another shot of an area that was completely washed out and how has to be shored up against heavy vehicles as well as weather.

We often just think of fast floods.

But let's remember all of the long rain and snow events that soak the land.

Long soaking over time makes dirt like this weak and causes mudslides.

So a road can be lost even if there was no sudden, heavy rain.

This looks strong enough. Let's hope so.

attachment-Yellowstone Repair 6

The next video, once again shot from a helicopter, is of the Gardner Road area.

You can see by the washed-out slopes of the land what was taken away by the floodwaters and what was left for the crew to work with.

It's oblivious that they have come a long way, but they have a long way to go.

A road is not just pavement over land.

There is a lot that must be laid out first.

Stepping away from official Yellowstone photos for a moment, here is a Youtube video from a page called Practical Engineering.

Finally, let's have a  look at what can be repaired, how, and why some areas will not be repaired. Nor should they be.

The host goes into why the flood happened and what has to be taken into consideration to fix it, but also deals with future floods.

Below is a video from the park service as a helicopter flies over the area you see above

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