The first six months of 2020 was just a warm up. It's going to get real freaky from here.

Picture dumbest horror movie you have ever seen, where the creature is a joke and all of the characters keep making stupid mistakes. That's how 2020 will be in its second half.

How about Sharks That Walk? That's right, in Indonesia a new species of shark has been found that actually walks. In the video below you will see that the shark is rather small. But, the way 2020 is going, all we need is the radiation from Fukushima and those suckers will be the size of a killer whale and up on land chasing us worse than those stupid Sharknado movies. 

Buy why stop at walking sharks? Why not Swimming Tarantulas? I know what you're thinking, NEVER GO FULL STUPID. Well, this is 2020 we are talking about. Too late.

In the video below you will see a Texas Tarantula who seems to need to get somewhere fast. I don't know, maybe he has a job interview. Regardless, when he comes to water it doesn't even slow him down. No swimming trunks needed, he just hops right in the water and swims across.

Did you scoff at Murder Hornets? Did you not pay attention when we told you that the Killer Bees were BACK?

For those of you wondering when Yellowstone was going to pop, wait for it. The Grand Tetons, just south of Yellowstone, just felt a rather sizable quake. 

I'm still waiting for the Man Bear Pig.

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